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If they also have profiles on  and. The potential of different networks here may be underestimat. . All the stars of the social mia giant appear on Twitter. though not all of them are particularly active. Since it’s the only channel us by all candidates. it’s clearly consider the most important by celebrities. Patricia Blanco topp the star list with only one like. It will be interesting to see if the likes increase during the show and by how much. On the other hand. there are already likes. which is the number of followers that many other camp residents hope for. Has the range been increas too. Angelina Haig ( ). who is currently the most popular on social mia. emerg as the winner. The blond beauty is famous for TV series “The Bachelor.

They can reach a wider audience

You can find her on Facebook. with regular posts Indonesia Mobile Database her life. She only recently let fans share her weight-loss successes. and she’s amass a huge following this way. She’s known for her casting and is number two on social mia. She gave fans an inside look at the social network with her sexy photos. She’s also the only one actively using her channel to connect with fans and potential voters. The entertainer and casting director ranks third among stars in the social mia jungle. He became famous for being a judge on the talent show Germany’s Next Top Model. It’s a pity that he doesn’t mention all the social networks he uses on the official website.

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Offering personal insight into

There are only and links on his website.  is TW Lists fairly obscure on the internet. so he only comes in at number four. Let’s hope the star takes it one step further. However. he was far less active on social networks than expect. He doesn’t use that. either. so he only focuses on and. You can even use the search term ö ö in finding tons of videos . He mentions this on his official website. However. he does not run his own channel. Although it would be the perfect mium to reach a wide range of potential fans especially his music. The loser of the social network comparison loses the.

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