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plan and organize the upcoming market research according to the goals you have set and the information nes you have identifi. Along with the selection of the type of investigation. the identification of relevant sources of information. the definition of methods for obtaining information. and the specific design of each procure. this phase requires very complex decisions and tasks.  your consultants around. In addition. the persons.

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who will provide information to the study participants must be designat.  determine the appropriate sampling method and requir sample size. Results Afghanistan Mobile Database are document and coordinat with you in the form of a research plan. Questionnaire development Whether it is a quantitative or qualitative survey. the development of questionnaires plays a vital role in the market research process. The first step. gathering relevant questions. is initially only at the content level. Then define the form of the survey. Determine whether the test should be highly standardiz. partially standardiz. or non-standardiz. Depending on the definition of the content.

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of the relevant question and the assign survey TW Lists strategy.  answer options must be decid. Throughout this step. we work closely with you to coordinate the final questionnaire. The German Marketing Institute utilizes existing data for secondary research and primary research through target and systematic research data collection. Data collection in market research After the research design (design phase) has been drawn up. so-call field surveys are carri out. in which we organize and carry out the actual data collection according to the survey plan. Various methods of data collection provide a wealth of independent information. In market research. the.

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