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To be successful you have to correctly identify the nes of your target group, assign them to the various stages of the customer journey and create content bas on that. A Theoretical Digression The Marketing Funnel and Buyer Personas Before we get into the question of which content is appropriate for which stage, let’s understand the theory a bit. We’re limiting ourselves here to the classic marketing funnel rather than the flywheel and buyer personas to create. A marketing funnel and marketing funnel also known as a sales funnel always consists of at least three stages. They map the customer journey top of the funnel which is mostly about using content text, blog or social mia posts to draw more attention to certain topics while providing relevant and useful information.

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Users typically encounter content because of a specific ne, such as searching for a solution to a problem. Middle of the Funnel At this stage users have learn enough about a particular topic and are now focusing specifically on solutions. Especially here it is important to use the right content case studies ebooks or testimonials to convert potential leads into actual leads or Bulk SMS Ireland even into customers. Bottom of the Funnel This is where either potential customers who are about to make a purchase decision or customers who have already made a purchase decision. For the former, all that’s missing are final incentives such as limit discount offers or positive customer feback. For the latter it is important to reinforce their buying decision request optimization feback email newsletters etc.

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Note that these three superordinate stages and usually contain further intermiate stages such as and. Buyer Personas The Basis for Target Communications Buyer personas are fictional characters bas on real data that represent a typical or ideal customer for a company. The requir information comes from the company’s internal systems, surveys of existing customers, and external sources such as market research reports. Integrating buyer personas into your TW Lists own content marketing strategy has two main advantages Internal Benefits Buyer personas not only facilitate communication within your company but also simplify the process and workflow of content marketing.

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