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Of nature and species. while always satisfying visitors’ desire for domesticat animals and the opportunity to experience them up close.  zoo in meeting visitor requests. Michael Berneck agre to sponsor Michel the Poitou donkey. Recent visitor surveys show that the constructive handling of the findings is reflect in the positive results. Overall satisfaction improv further compar to the previous year. with an overall rating of Highest. The overall.

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Evaluation is high. in referral intent. which Pakistan Mobile Database is a reliable indicator of visitor satisfaction. Value has gone up from excellent. The same goes for the positive development of the Cologne Zoo. of respondents approve of the positive developments in recent years. This figure also increas compar to the previous year. Professor Dr. Dr. Comments. Since I am a good friend of the Cologne Zoo and the father of three children. I decid to donate this donkey to the zoo. Of course. I’m especially happy that it’s now very popular with tourists.  report by et al. This entry was post in Market Research. Public Relations. Sponsorship on months. Keywords. Cologne Zoo. Michael Bernecke. Describing and iting the.

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