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As a counterpart he us the argument that things go wrong more often than good marketing strategies are us. His most important lessons he taught us: by using influencer marketing consistently. It is possible to achieve ROI. What is the objective of the campaign Wat ons opviel aan de presentaties is dat er vaak werd herhaald dat de doelstellingen bepalend zijn voor het inzetten van influencer marketing. Zodat je op basis hiervan de campagne kan uitrollen.

This Has Become

In de praktijk zien we dat kiest voor een awareness doelstelling.  Kiest voor sales doelstellingen en kiest voor content creatie doelstellingen. However also make sure that the influencer is given the freom to do his or her thing. It is of course easiest to send an extensive briefing with many strict requirements. Because then you know exactly what is going to happen. But; we must not forget that the Malta Phone Number List influencers know the target group best. They can best reach this target group and in the most creative way. Which influencer do I choose Finding the right influencer for your brand is also something that was given a lot of attention during the presentations.

Even Easier Is Instagram

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Good news for retailers: Instagram has launch a new feature that allows you to showcase your products for free. This new feature is also known as Instagram Shopping. Curious how this works and what opportunities it offers for e-commerce? We figur it out! Instagram is more popular than ever! The Social Mia survey 2018 by research agency Newcom shows that 4.1 million Dutch users are active on Instagram. Many young people in particular regularly use this platform. It is therefore increasingly TW Lists interesting for e-commerce to be active on this mium. Because this way you can bring your product or service to the attention of this target group in an accessible way.

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