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You can access all your world travels in detail via this GPS. GPS can detect traffic jams or smooth roads with colored symbols. You will be given various options for the fastest routes and avoid traffic jams. Another GPS service that uses artificial intelligence This smart technology uses big is the feature of viewing positions in the world in real 3 dimensions. GPS route creation is done by cars traveling around the world to take pictures with 360° cameras. Wow, this is a cool way to make a GPS. 5. Online motorcycle taxi ordering Online Taxi When you order a motorbike taxi online, you will be shown the spots where the motorbike taxis are located. This ordering is always automatic and randomly selects the driver you will choose based on various criteria.

This online motorcycle taxi application

Is very effective to use because of the emergence of various services such as delivery or purchasing food. Moreover, to enjoy this feature, just use your smartphone. This application really helps you, especially when you need logistics suddenly. This program always has its intelligence upgraded from time to time. So that it is not misused by users and drivers. Drivers can determine whatsapp database their own working hours without having to be pressured by long work schedules. Therefore, in some cities sometimes they no longer accept recruitment because they have an excessive number of drivers. 6. Video Game Video Game Video Games also use artificial intelligence in terms of simulation and creation structure.

This is what makes video games

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Currently develop into 3 dimensions that resemble real life. In their development, the majority of game developers use artificial intelligence in the form of programs that can read techniques from user games . Then the AI will adjust how to fight users with different levels. 7. Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Internet marketing TW Lists ust be familiar to those of you who have an online shop business . Marketing a product or service online makes it very easy for entrepreneurs to sell their goods quickly. Online shop entrepreneurs do not need to spend money to pay employees to sell goods. It cannot be denied that the biggest advertising medium today is no longer TV, but the internet which is widely used by society.

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