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Class Winners For those of you who are Gartner, Inc. has published the ” Magic Quadrant ” on this system in 2013. With it, it answers the demand of the web world in overcoming the challenges of managing data in a ” Big Data ” manner. 2. Analytical Database Face Analytics Database The analytical database type is a database that can You canGet technology soft skills store and manage big data, including business, market and customer data for business intelligence (BI) analysis. Consists of data and information summarized to make it easy to read.  T by management organizations and other users. 3. Data Warehouse Database Warehouse As the name suggests, a data warehouse (DW) aims to store data over time. The stored data is an operational database. The database in the warehouse can be the main source

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Through its development, data warehouses provide facilities in the form of sharing data without architecture to facilitate extreme ws database scale.   Distributed Databases Data distribution . The next type is a distributed database , consisting of two or more . Files and located on different sites, either on . The same network or on a completely different network. It has the function of grouping each department through division functions.   Offices, branch offices and other related work locations. This database can include operational and user.

Examples of end-user database models

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Relational databases are the most popular and frequently used database type. Some commonly used products are Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, and SQLite. There are also two main advantages to this type of relational database .  Data processing TW Lists can change according to demand and is continuous. Like changes in the price of the dollar currency which changes every minute. Behind it all, there is a real-time database that works quickly. Real-time databases are commonly used by accounting, legal, banking, multimedia, scientific data analysis, and medical records. 7. Relational Database Relational database In a relational database.

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