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Over the refers to the measurable aspect of uncertainty, mainly characterize by potential loss. Uncertainty, understood as an unmeasurable aspect of uncertainty, may be associate with potential business benefits. Risks in projects may occur at any stage and for various reasons. These may include risks relate to, among others. Product, using new technologies, using design methods, protection of intellectual property, organizational culture. Competences of the project manager. In order to counteract. The potential negative effects of the above-mention risks. A risk management plan should be prepare. Planning responses to project risks.

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As we mention earlier, risk often cannot be completely eliminate, but there are certain strategies to reduce the risk. These are among others: risk avoidance, transfer of risk (risk transfer), risk mitigation, risk acceptance. In order to apply these strategies, it Photo Retouching is important to correctly identify threats in advance and assess and audit the potential effects of the risk. It is also important to monitor the effects of the select method after making a decision on how to deal with a given risk. Responsible risk management and planning of the risk management process are important due to the fact that they can ensure project.

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Savings and achieve project goals faster and less prone to problems. The project manager, as the person responsible for the project implementation process and risk control, should use all tools supporting project risk management and his experience from TW Lists other projects in order to minimize threats to the enterprise. Their tasks include, among others, conducting risk analysis, monitoring threats, identifying threats, responding to threats, identifying risk factors, assessing risk in the project, planning risk management, all necessary risk management activities, skillful risk management, possible change of the risk management plan, etc.

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