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The person view a new table and the journey stopp there for that moment. By using dynamic product remarketing in this story, it is possible to bring the view product to the attention again. Highlight the product, but add the USPs, for example, so that the threshold for conversion is lower. This is how you suce someone from the previous phases to the final Do phase. This is of course just one example, but this is very wide in terms of application possibilities! Someone who types in a query on Google will of course also want to help you. Make sure you have the right landing pages, but also analyze these pages. What is someone doing on the page right now.

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What behavior stream do you see emerging? Besides that point, it is also a matter of testing. With Google Optimize, for example, it is easy to get start with an A/B test. This allows you to test with different colors, for example, but also the use of neuromarketing. Learn what works best for your target group! Channels Do phase Which channels are good to use in this phase? This phase focuses on the actual purchase hard South Korea Phone Number List conversion, so that the following channels can be us effectively: SEO Content aim at the visitor who is about to make a purchase Social advertising  Remarketing bas on previous touchpoints Social advertising  Focus on purchase intent Google Ads  Focus on purchase intent Google Shopping.

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Focus on purchase intent affiliate Display advertising. Remarketing bas on previous touchpoints KPIs Do phase The Do phase therefore focuses on the hard conversion, such as the transaction or a reservation. The correct metrics for this phase may already be clear, but here is an overview of some possible KPIs: Ecommerce conversion rate ROAS (Return on ad spent) Gain Cart abandoners What you see in the above KPIs is that you TW Lists now also focus more on the “hard” goals. Of course you still keep an eye on the use of the page, but you are now also looking more at the flow to the checkout module.

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