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What the customer really nes at the right time? A difficult question, but luckily there is the See, Think, Do, Care model from Google that offers us help! Marketers often deal with a variety of different customers, all of whom have different nes. And how do you offer the right thing at the right time? Perhaps an impossible task at first glance, but after reading this blog, not anymore! Let’s start with Google’s See, Think, Do and Care model. This model has been develop to analyze the phases of the customer journey. The model is built up as a funnel, with the See and Think phases providing the “Do”. In the first two phases, we must therefore take steps to achieve the conversion in the Do phase.

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After all, someone must first have become acquaint with your company/service or product, because why else would they buy from you? In the increasingly competitive market on the internet, this is of course becoming increasingly important. Moreover, let’s not forget the power of the Care phase. Of course Japan Phone Number List you also want to keep someone who is already a customer. Getting start with loyalty programs can therefore be very useful for the ultimate customer value (Customer Lifetime Value). To make optimal use of the model, developing personas is important.

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A persona is a fictional representative for a customer segment. Try to make him/her as concrete as possible, so that it is clear to the entire organization who the customer really is. You can use various sources for this, such as Google Analytics, but also your company’s customer service. By analyzing the target group in this way, you get a lot of valuable input. For example, look in Google Analytics at the age and gender of the TW Lists target group. If you see that the website visitors are mainly women between the ages of 18 and 30, then of course you also want to write different content than for men over 50. By also looking at the content in this way, you ensure that the content is also better suit to the target group.

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