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Base64 encoding & Progressive JPEG Base64 encoding means that you convert images to binary code, so you don’t have to make an extra request to the server to load an image. This is mainly advis to implement only for header images, for example, since the code itself is very long and you quickly make the page unnecessarily large. Also, the image will not be index in Google images. Progressive JPEG means that an image is not load from top to bottom, but from blurry to sharp. This is not support by all browsers. Standard JPEG: Progressive JPEG: Source: Chris simmance.

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UNDER2 Lazy loading Lazy loading means that you load images below the fold i.e. images that you do not immiately see when you load a page at a later time. This gives priority to the most important files and unnecessary images are not load too early. Adaptive image sizes through srcset With many websites you often see that one image is load, and the size is then adjust to the device. The disadvantage of this is that you Vietnam Phone Number Listalways load the same images. By using the so-call srcset attribute, you can always load the specific image in the correct dimensions for the most commonly us screen sizes. These are also call responsive images. content delivery network Using a CDN is mainly interesting for websites that are active on an international level.

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This means that you put some of your files, such as images, on servers abroad, to ensure that users in that country can load your website faster. That works this way: JavaScript JavaScript is another source that often has a TW Lists major impact on the page spe of your website. Nowadays, JavaScript is often us because of the many possibilities and uses. The amount of JavaScript affects your: CPU processor consumption Data bytes RAM working memory load Nevertheless, JavaScript is very important for your website and its many functionalities. However, your JavaScript files are often too large and require unnecessary effort from your PC or network.

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