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When customers watch video ads and a product comes along that appeals to them. They can click on it directly if there is a link behind it. This way you not only make video an inspiring mium. But also a way to realize actual sales. Some e-commerce brands are already using this –and thus provide a full-flg shopping experience. 7 | Sustainability is given a prominent place Consumers are becoming more aware. This means that choices are made differently and brands can no longer get away with a half-bak vision of the future. Things like CO2 compensation of an order. Sustainable packaging and a brand manifesto that focuses on the future are no longer optional.

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Because marketplaces leave such a mark on the environment  ​​with the non-stop logistic flow of parcel deliverers  the platforms certainly have something to compensate. Do you also think this is important as an entrepreneur? Then be sure to find a partner who endorses these values. 8 | Personalization is taking shape in earnest As mention earlier. AI will play a greater role in ecommerce and therefore also marketplaces. Personalization options are a good Bulk SMS Czech Republic example of this. In addition to offering information that is tailor to the behavior of visitors. AI also offers the possibility of offering truly personaliz products that visitors can put together via a configurator. Drinking bottles. Phone cases shoes – everything can be print as desir.

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How personal do you want it? 9 | Voice commerce changes search behaviour With the advent of smart home assistants and searches perform using voice commands. Consumer search behavior is changing. Where concise keywords in Google us to be TW Lists the main way of searching. Full questions ask to Siri Alexa or Google Home are now also well establish. This makes FAQs on a website particularly valuable – the full question is written out here and the answer is immiately display. A marketplace that is also optimiz for smart assistants therefore has a greater chance of ending up as the preferr platform with current developments.

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