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This model offers a clear way to visualize the information nes of customers/visitors per phase. A visitor who has just become acquaint with your brand will be less inclin to make a purchase than a visitor who has already gone through a few steps and is already familiar with your service/products. Both visitors have different information nes and are therefore in a different phase of the customer journey. Read all about the see, think, do & care model in our extensive blog. If we place your landing page within the framework of the model, you will most likely find it in the do phase. Here, your visitor’s information nes are specific enough to perform an action after he/she has gather the latest knowlge on your landing page and is convinc of your product or service.

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In short, your landing page is an indispensable part of your customer journey. Here a visitor can become a customer. Building a good landing page in 4 steps A good landing page summarizes the customer journey and is made up of 4 parts: 1. Inspire The introduction of your landing page should inspire and motivate Iceland Phone Number List the visitor. Here you draw even more attention to your product or service. 2. Inquire After your introduction, you provide the last information a visitor nes to make a decision and you mention a number of benefits that your product or service brings. 3. Convince Towards the end of your landing page, you convince the visitor by, for example.

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Showing reviews from other customers who have already purchas your product or service. 4. Activate To close your landing page, place a CTA (call to action). This is a short text and/or a button that encourages action. Why is a landing page so important? Because a landing page – also known as a landing page – generally marks the final phase of the customer journey, this is the point where the TW Lists difference is made for your company. After all, no matter how well your customer journey can be arrang, if your audience drops out just before the end, the results will not materialize.

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