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We would like to get in touch with youAs a webshop owner, do you want to offer your products to a larger target group? Then offer your products via a marketplace. bol.com is the largest marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. With more than 13 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, bol.com offers enormous opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. That is why today we will explain to you how selling via bol.com works. Bol.com’s strategy to position itself as a hub has paid off . However, we must remember that this success does not only lie with bol com.

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Many partners of bol.com have also seen their turnover rise sharply in 2020. And with this renew position of e-commerce, a partnership with bol.com seems to be the crucial step towards a wider audience, higher turnover and ultimate profit. But how exactly does selling via bol.com work? In this article we explain which steps you have to go through to be able to sell your products through the most famous and largest Switzerland Phone Number List webshop in the Netherlands. become a bol.com partner in 5 steps Why sell via bol.com? The costs of selling via bol.com Can anyone sell via bol.com? Sell ​​your products via bol.com in just 5 steps bol.com obviously has a great interest in entrepreneurs like you wanting to join their network.

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In order to provide their own customers as well as possible, they rely on the range of third parties. A webshop that really sells everything depends on good partners. That is why bol.com makes it easy for entrepreneurs to also offer products via their platform. You can get start via the partner platform and you can quickly start selling via bol.com. 1. Create a sales account The first step in the process is to create a sales account. With this account you arrange everything at the back of your online shop at bol.com. You enter your details such TW Lists as name and e-mail address, choose a password and create your account. bol.com business 2. Enter additional information After you have submitt the application to create a business account on bol.

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