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Product descriptions in e-commerce are more than just short pieces of information about the product. In this text you can: Tell details about your product that help the customer make a choice Strengthen your brand identity by using unique copy in your specific tone of voice Show your expertise as a brand within a certain segment Actually encourage customers to buy your product Do not underestimate the importance of good product texts as content optimization . Moreover, you can always use neuromarketing techniques. For example, by creating scarcity or urgency around a product, your conversion can greatly improve. An extensive product description | Ecommerce strategy.

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Make use of urgency How do you create urgency around your product? Very simple: give customers a limit time slot within which promotions or discount codes apply. When there is a Iran Phone Number List time limit on placing an order, or when stocks are about to run out, you as a buyer get a sense of urgency. But also mentioning previous purchases by other buyers, a timer that counts down to when an order will be deliver the next day or an indication of the available stock can create a sense of urgency. It has therefore been proven that this e-commerce strategy does have an effect on sales. With the right approach you can even double your turnover.

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Offer discounts to new customers Almost all successful e-commerce companies use it: offering new customers an immiate discount. With a simple pop-up that informs new visitors to your webshop that a subscription to the newsletter is good for a 15% discount on a first purchase, you not only boost your sales, you also quickly receive valuable e-mail addresses that are at least as are important to the long-term success TW Lists of your business. Rewarding your new customers with a discount is not only a good way to build a strong relationship, you also get something in return. Create exclusivity Retaining customers as an e-commerce company is usually a lot easier than binding new customers to you.

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