Spanish Friday Clidea’s initiative to highlight the excellence

Clidea is a Digital Marketing agency, which also offers services as a graphic design agency in Madrid , which has more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the creation and dissemination of digital content. In addition, they help increase their clients’ sales through various disciplines such as audiovisual production, paid media, web development and social networks, as well as improve SEO positioning.

What clients do you work with

In these six months of life we ​​have worked with the Community of Madrid, with Azora, the Red Cross and TourEspaña, so we can be category email list very happy. The feedback has always been very good, very in line with the values ​​we want to transmit. We always work with the idea of ​​making life as easy as possible for our clients. They come to us because they want solutions to problems, so our first commitment is to offer those required solutions. We are in permanent contact with these clients because we also consider that projecting tranquility and certainty is essential when carrying out a project. From there, we know no other way to work than through creativity, with high quality standards.

What does your freelance service

Clidea Jobs seeks to offer the service of an agency at the rate of a freelancer. It is an outsourcing service that we offer for companies that TW Lists need mature digital profiles in the medium and long term. The operation is very simple: the client sends us a description of what they need and we provide different profiles, with their proposals and rates, always in charge of a project manager to manage any problem or need. This service arises because we have the feeling that there are companies that do not take advantage of all their digital possibilities. Since your digital team cannot assume the variety of functions that exist today, in the end the need arises to have several agencies to address the different projects they have. 

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