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Plus it stands out in search results. Below you’ll find examples of rich snippet comments. Events: Certain events can also be highlight through structur data. What is a Prosperity Card In addition to Rich Abstracts, you also have Rich Cards. These were introduc by Google in . Use Rich Cards The extra information you provide to the page appears larger and more prominently. It can be said that they are cards that can better display photos. Rich cards are design to give mobile website users more choices. It is often us to highlight recipes, movies and restaurants. How you implement structur data Structur data can be implement in a number of ways.

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This can be done in various formats such as , microdata, and . It’s not that one format is better than the other. We recommend that you use the format. Loading Bulk SMS China structur data can be done in different ways: statically and dynamically. Dynamic loading of content is usually preferr. This is because the code changes automatically when the page content is modifi. If you’re loading static structur data, you’ll have to adjust your code when the content changes.  the content on the page won’t change then opting for static structur data is fine. Note: If you’re tagging structur data, be sure to only select unique content. Additionally this content must be visible on your website. Flagging misleading content is also prohibit.

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Structur Data Tools There are various tools for formatting structur data. Below you’ll find many useful tools you can use: : This is one of the well-known sites where you can find patterns in structur data. Testing tools: Have you creat structur data code You can easily test the code through testing tools. This way you will find out if the code is correct or if it still contains any errors. Schema Markup Generator: This tool makes creating basic code easier. Implement structur data for your website Structur data is a great addition to apply to your website. You can help search TW Lists Lists engines better understand your pages and stand out in search results. Do you want to implement structur data for your website but can you get help with this then be sure to contact us.

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