Slap on those car magnets

with a simple click of the submit button. They plant the se of the business. Without shame or using scare tactics. Positive reinforcement! Award for : inspirational imagination 47. Sephora sephora great examples of newsletters-zipporah screenshot by pure360 ah. The perfect marriage of copy and images. We.D expect nothing less from image-conscious Slap on those  brand sephora. Which does beauty newsletters well: great color. Modern design and product copy + perfectly blend images.

Mimicking the state they would

The transparent backgrounds and product placement are well done. Mimicking the state they would be in. If they were already on your makeup Europe Email List counter. Subtle but brilliant. Award for : the power of suggestion 48. Recipient target great examples of newsletters-target screenshot of magemail you know how everyone always jokes about going to target for toilet paper and walking out with a trunk full of everything you never knew you ne? Target emails are like this too.

Taylor stitch taylorstitch newsletter

europe email list

Cleverly design to pack as many images as possible above the fold – immiate and inevitable impact (aka temptation!) – this is a brand that TW Lists understands their highly suggestible. Please-do-tempt-me target audience. Award for : maximum temptation 49. Taylor stitch taylorstitch newsletter examples-of taylor stitch examples screenshot of mailjet when it comes to fashion newsletters. Women.S brands and makeup usually get the glory. But taylor stitch. A men.S clothing company. Is perfect with its newsletter. Which breathes modern freshness.

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