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So tell them what someone can expect from your product and what the add value is. Have you add all your products to your sales account according to the rules of , have you determin the price and is each product provid with the correct information? Then you are ready to make a flying start as an official partner of the largest web store in the Netherlands! How do I automate my product fe? (Tip!) There are several ways to do this. Depending on the size of your assortment, you can consider whether you want to transfer the products manually or automatically. You can add the products individually in your sales account. This is fairly simple, but very time-consuming if the range is large. If the range is somewhat larger, you can use the Excel sheet that offers.

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This method requires a little more knowlge. A third option is to use fe management platforms such as Channable. By means of an API, your fe is forward to This is certainly the most ideal option for the large providers. Automation saves you a lot of time. results | TrafficToday Why should Turkey Phone Number List I sell via It is no surprise that many entrepreneurs choose to collaborate with There are a few very attractive advantages to it. • Unique sales opportunities Selling via provides you with unique sales opportunities.

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Think, for example, of the possibility to sell online without your own webshop, to reach an audience of millions at home and abroad and valuable insights into the sale of your products. Moreover, itself also provides tips such as the so-call whitespots . These are gaps in the range of products that are being search for but are not yet offer. This is also display within the search trends . Search trends  No cure no pay Another advantage of selling via is that you only pay for the products you sell via the platform. There are therefore no TW Lists additional costs associat with an account or registration. logistic options offers partners the opportunity to opt for a tailor-made collaboration.

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