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Participants gain solutions to current marketing and communication challenges directly from the practice of mium-siz industrial and technology companies. In addition, they learn about the latest trends and how to use them successfully in their companies. Practical lectures end with an interactive format and an exchange of cross-industry expertise. The expert conference is aim at both beginners and advanc users in the field of communication marketing and management as well as users from other areas of the company who are interest in the topic. is a professional portal for marketing and communication.

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What an exciting week of content we’ve had again Don’t worry if you miss something. This week we’ve round up again what you absolutely can’t miss. News you might have miss this week  Streaming giant launches print magazine Its new print offering is inspir by classic movie magazines from the 1990s and 1990s and it comes in a sleek, large-format design. The trend of your own documentary web series continues with security company Kaspersky producing a true crime Bulk SMS Lebanon series about cybercrime. The first season of the four-episode “Unlocking Tomorrow” has been launch. The trend of audio content is not abating either. A long-term broadcast cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment in Europe is in progress. By the way, the movie will be releas in Germany on.

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Cristiano Ronaldo amuses the internet with an ad for an e-commerce platform. While the ad didn’t necessarily generate enthusiasm among users, it still serv its purpose by now everyone knows about it. How time flies Another week full of content is over. This time we will also introduce the most exciting news that you may have miss but shouldn’t. The top Savings Banks you may have miss this week are now jumping on the podcast train too. Host by rapper TW Lists host and author Celebrities chat in their boxes and let you peek into their wallets. Speaking of podcasts The new proprietary podcast platform is out of beta and officially up and running.

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