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 This vision allows the student motivation to exercise self-taught learning and collaboration in social change without feeling that this effort is understood by a certain sector of society as superfluous or not very prestigious. This usually happens in the case of artistic activity. For Vania, the function she performs is not only to teach how to dance, but to teach how to live and learn to live by living the teaching-learning process as natural to my situation in the world. “My boys learn by teaching,” he said.

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 After a learning process, they become monitors of other children who in turn, in due course, will have the opportunity to extend this solidarity network.” For Vania, the acquisition of knowlge is not business email list limit to any specific skill. “I know,” she said, smiling and confident, “that mathematics could be taught with dance.” And it’s true. All human abilities are found like the strings of a guitar. When you play a melody you cannot do it just by touching one string, but rather all of them are interrelat in unison.

Selfless and Unconditional

 The results of all learning are actually the symphony that takes off from a series of strings that complement each other to build knowlge. Without pagogy qualifications, Vania Masías is a teacher. She works with children in extremely difficult situations, with the unmotivat, with the marginaliz, with those who were born TW Lists listening to an environment that shout in her ear that she could never become and do anything good. However, with her example she remind us that what is essential for teaching is having the sensitivity and vocation to direct destinies and fe hearts with horizons.

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