Publish posts and drive traffic to them

 If the sales tunnel had not been successful, I would not have charged Annel a fee. A blog is a significantly more challenging channel to build trust and sell, especially if blogging has been irregular in the past. First you have to tell the readers that the blog is active and then start building a sales tunnel. In terms of time, this can take several weeks for the right people to find their way to an active blog. A 3-step strategy for building a sales funnel on a blog  to the 1-2 posts that received the most Reads Define topics for blog posts The goal of blog post topics is to arouse the reader’s pain point, interest, need and sell.

Define topics for blog posts

 A total of five blog posts will be written, so you can easily sprinkle interest, pain point, need new database and benefit into different posts. Blog posts are of different sizes depending on which post it is: the post is 500-600 words long the post is 600-700 words long the post is between 700 and 900 words long the post is between 900 and 1200 words long the post is between 900 and 1200 words long The important thing is that the posts progress logically and with respect to the reader towards the sales event. of two weeks, with 2–3 days between posts. In this way, you give the reader a chance to . It may make sense to direct paid traffic from a social media channel or channels or through Google Ad established or if you do not have more than 1000 followers on your own social media channels.

Process the information you publish

I strongly recommend spending no more than 5 euros / day / post for testing. Analyze the results and direct  traffic to the two posts that received the most Reads The best thing is if you can calculate the number of visitors in a spreadsheet program. By looking at the number of visitors to TW Lists each post for three days, you can get to the bottom of which posts generated the most interest. to real posts. Please note that during the publication phase, the posts do not direct traffic to the sales page or online store, unless one of the posts goes viral. More than 1,000 readings in 24 hours can be considered a good milestone. When the posts are published and you check the statistics, make ads for two posts and direct traffic to them for 5-10 euros per day.

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