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However, some of the readers were not Anne’s target group, so it is normal that no sales occurred. The ad for the most popular post on Facebook looks like this: automated sales Show me the money! Okay, then it’s time to go see the results, that is, the money. How does this actually bring results? In the case of Annul, the average sales will be 2,005.78 euros per month (x 12 = 24,069.40 euros per year). We are currently directing traffic to one post (you can probably guess which one), to the online store and to the sales page. In this way, those who are already convinced of the necessity of the product after a few posts can buy the course right away.

Which has links both directly

This is how you keep the reader on your blog even if a 404 page comes up. Have you ever read a lovely blog post, immersed special data yourself in the enticing content, found great links to other posts, and then suddenly PAM! hit a 404 page?

Vex. To put it mildly.

What do you do in that situation? Clicking the “back” button in the browser?  let you go back? And what happens after that? After a couple of clicks, you will probably get frustrated, leave the page and never come back. The most typical case when a 404 page comes in front of the reader is a broken link or if a single page or blog post has been deleted for one reason or another.

Does the page freeze or at worst won't

What should a 404 page have?

Of course, there is no unequivocal answer. And it is not TW Lists intended that every page is carved from the same wood. Here are some ideas for what you can put on a 404 page:

  • list a few of the most popular blog posts
  • add a couple of customer feedbacks
  • tell about the most popular products
  • suggests joining the email list
  • or, for example, to tell about a secret service that you offer only to your VIP customers.

Did you know that if done correctly, a 404 page can even increase turnover ?

What should be considered when making a 404 page?

  1. The content of the page is in accordance with the brand
  2. Short enough (so don’t write a novel or a 3000-word article on the page)
  3. Add some humor to the game…
  4. …but don’t try to be too witty and annoy the reader
  5. Choose 2 actions that the reader can take – the more options, the more the reader will get confused and leave. Here are a couple of examples:
    1. Suggest a few blog posts AND join the email list
    2. Offer a discount coupon for selected products AND add a contact form
    3. Add a contact form AND tell the 3 most likely reasons why the page didn’t exist
  6. At least apologize for what happened and direct the reader back to the home page.
  7. Never, ever, never fill a page with professional jargon that the reader/potential client won’t understand. Or of course you can do it if you don’t want the reader to return to your page. Although I don’t know what the point is but.

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