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With an automatic .xml fe, for example, you ensure that the products display within the marketplace are refresh every day and take over the status of your webshop. As soon as a product is sold out, the online marketplace will no longer show it because the fe has been updat automatically. There are also marketplaces such as that work with an API application programming interface. This API provides a direct link between and your webshop fe management tool. The direct link prevents delays and makes it extra easy and fast to sell your products. Did you know that 40% of the turnover is generat via external sellers  Marketplace.

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Bolcom How do I optimize for a marketplace? Within a marketplace, it is perhaps the most important thing to formulate the title of your product strongly. So content optimization. Why? Research has shown that approximately  of marketplace users access a product through the category structure. By clicking on the right category here, they will find the product they Bulk SMS UK are looking for. This also means that 80% (!) of users do this via the search function of the marketplace. You must therefore become visible with your products when a visitor starts searching. For example, do you have a product of an unknown or own brand without search volume.

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Do not mention this brand in the title of the product, but give the product a general name that visitors search for. Set rules through your fe Of course you pay a fee to use a marketplace. For some web shop owners, this is a reason to refrain from collaborating, but for by far the largest group it is a way to keep a grip on costs. You know exactly where you stand with a fix fee bas on a no-cure-no-pay construction. However, it can happen that you TW Lists as an entrepreneur have too little margin left. For example, the rules regarding shipping costs may differ from what you use in your own webshop. If you keep free shipping from €50 yourself, but the marketplace forces you to offer free shipping from €20 via their platform, the margin can become quite small.

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