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What information can you offer that will really help them – without immiately expecting anything in return? In addition, there are a few other elements that make a blog a blog, namely: • Online The term blog is not a corruption of weblog for nothing. In fact, a weblog originat as an online diary, a log on the web, where you post SEO texts on a regular basis . Now, of course, it is much more than that – but the term blog stuck. • Interactive The beauty of a blog is that you can seek and even stimulate interaction with your audience or target group. With a blog article, for example, you can provide your audience with tips and then ask about the experiences after trying the tips.

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You can also enter into a conversation with your audience about topics that concern your company. Readers often have the option to leave a comment at the bottom of a blog article. • Informative It has already been briefly mention, but a blog must above all be informative. That way you create add value for your readers and they come back to your platform. This does not necessarily mean information about your company, but rather about topics for which your service or product could be the solution. • Inspiring You Cambodia Phone Number List prefer to encourage people to take action after reading your blog. The best chance to do that is to inspire them with your text. Have you just outlin a problem that you can offer a solution to? Did you give tips on approaching a particular project? It all ensures that your readers are ready for the next step in the so-call ‘marketing funnel.

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Your blog as part of the marketing funnel Within Traffic Today we work with the see-think-do-care model for our partners, a detail customer journey bas on customer nes per phase in the run-up to conversion. The customer experience is central to this funnel. see think do care model Google’s See, Think, Do & Care model. Because each phase in this model is associat with different information nes, each phase also has specific expressions that fit in well with this. For example, a blog is a very good TW Lists mium in the see or think phase. Here, the ne for information is still mainly general. The what and how questions must be answer here, in order to tackle the why at a later stage. With a blog you provide your audience with information that is important to get further in the funnel. If you skip the first steps, you will miss a large part of your potential audience.

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