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But there is a line between how to do it and how not to do it. This difference has a drastic effect on the value of your backlinks. That’s why we’re going to talk to you about whitehat link building. What does ‘whitehat’ link building mean? The term “whitehat” is not only us for link building, but for SEO marketing in general. In this blog, however, we keep the focus on the whitehat link building part. We call work that is in consultation with Google’s guidelines whitehat. Simply put, make sure you keep it tidy and adhere to Google’s guidelines. The focus of your marketing activities should be on improving the visitor experience.

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The opposite of whitehat link building is the socall blackhat link building. Blackhat link building are strategies that aim to mislead thepage visitors, people who follow your social mia channels, but also people who have seen a video. LinkIn allows you to do this very specifically. For example, do you post a video in the See phase? Then you can create target groups in the Think Estonia Phone Number List phase that have seen the video 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Very interesting to test with! KPIs – Think phase What are the right KPIs for the Think phase? In this phase we therefore focus on visibility towards the target group that is more actively searching and comparing.

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Hard conversion is still not the right KPI in this, but which KPIs can be us properly? Clickthrough rate. White paper downloads Unique visitors on a certain page Degree of interaction. Time on website / number of pages view Assist conversions – mium term is there a certain contribution to the final hard conversion? Do phase Yes, finally, there it is the “hard conversion”, the waiting is reward. In the Think phase, we are therefore more focus on convincing the target group and providing various information for this purpose. In the Do phase it is TW Lists ultimately about the desir action that the target group must take. Because the target group is again actively looking for a suitable product/service to solve the request for help.

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