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The pre-launch strategy. The holiday mini lip set was shar following the news from coty inc. And was us to drive attention to the product and give followers more chances to experience the collection before its release on market . In fact. Kylie jenner was replac by different lip colors. Protagonists and center stage. The caption includ a cta. Asking followers to add a comment relat to their favorite shade. Miv® total: $385k while the pre-launch post shar via celebrity voice (jenner’s personal account) provid the best result in terms of miv®. On @kyliecosmetics it was the 3rd post. The beauty shot was us to create awareness and spread the news of the launch.

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Which generat an miv® of $1.5 million. Miv® total: $1.5 million minutes before the collection’s release. This gallery . Made up of two shots. Was us to announce that the free shipping offer had been extend by one day. Earning 3.5 million likes and nearly 30.000 comments. Miv® total : $1.5m the top instagram posts for miv®: @kyliecosmetics earning the best miv® for own mia voice . This is the only post-launch publication featur in this article. Featuring kylie jenner. This gallery was us to grab the user’s attention and business email list includes a caption encouraging them to scroll to view the mention product. Total miv®: $395k miv® total: $395.000 as part of

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Earning the highest miv®. Using new features from the 2019 holiday collection. This gallery generat curiosity about upcoming products. Drawing more attention through a special offer of free shipping for orders plac on launch day. By using her personal account to stimulate TW Lists  demand for new products. Kylie jenner was able to target millions of different consumers and consumer groups at the same time. Miv® total: $1.6 million on launch day. Enjoying the news of coty inc.’s $600 million acquisition. Kylie jenner leverag the impact of the news itself. Combining it with the authority of her celebrity voice . Reaching the highest value in this post .

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