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How do you convince your readers to take an action? The call-to-actions from your blog ideally lead to content optimization such as e-books, white papers, free sample packs, etc. At this stage, it is therefore mainly about the exchange of information; you offer information that will benefit your visitors in exchange for valuable contact details. 3. A blog builds authority The best business blogs answer their target audience’s questions. If you regularly create content that helps your visitors, you automatically build authority among the right people. An example of this is Frankwatching , a specialist online marketing blog.

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Yet building authority is not often us as a KPI . It is abstract and therefore a rather vague metric. Nevertheless, it does have a major impact on the performance of your company. Check it out: As soon as a potential customer enters the buying process through one of your blog articles, it is more likely that he or she already has a positive and reliable image of your Cayman Islands Phone Number List organization and will make a purchase. After all, you have already help them with a problem by providing relevant information in your article. Potential customers who are already familiar with your blog articles are more aware of your position in the market, your proposition and the industry you are in. This makes the first personal contact a lot easier where you can quickly go into depth.

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The sales department within your company can always refer to the blog articles on your website to answer complex questions clearly. The problems they are present with by potential customers have already been discuss in a blog article. 4. A blog is a successful long-term strategy In addition to the aforemention benefits, a blog is above all a very strong strategy for the long term. Writing a blog takes some time, but every day it is online delivers more for your company. A well-written SEO blog will rank better and better TW Lists in search engines over time. You will of course keep track of how much traffic you generate and where you may ne to optimize, but the basis is there.

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