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Cost and time Not all guerrilla marketing campaigns cost a lot of money. On the other hand, they often take a lot of time. It is important to have insight in advance how much you want to invest in your guerrilla campaign – both time and money. Think of something fun It is important that your campaign shows something new. Try to be original and unprictable. If you manage to make people laugh with your campaign or tear them away from reality, you will be remember better. You have already mapp out the target group, now make sure that this group can identify with your campaign. When people identify with your campaign, an action is shar more quickly on social mia. Use your own channels Don’t forget your actual channels! Free publicity is still extremely valuable.

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Create a specific landing page for your guerrilla marketing stunt and post a follow-up on your website where you encourage visitors to take action. You can also reach your audience with a press release or your social mia channels. What should you not do? Guerrilla marketing is a useful tool, but it can also have several disadvantages. If you use the wrong strategy, you risk having a counterproductive effect. Therefore, avoid the following: A campaign that does not suit your company Make sure that the campaign Belarus Phone Number List matches the identity and core values ​​of your company. Your guerrilla campaign can go viral, but if people don’t remember anything about your company or can’t make the link, it won’t help you.

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Negative publicity In guerrilla marketing, an action can also have the opposite effect, for example if the message is not clear. The most important thing is that your target audience understands what the message is. If it is not clear, you will not reach your target group and it will not generate the enthusiasm that was intend. In addition, guerrilla marketing is TW Lists often accompani by doing something strange in public, after all, you want to stand out. Doing something strange in public can also be perceiv as annoying by those around you.

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