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Ask yourself why you’re posting messages and who you’re trying to reach. Just posting ‘something’ on social mia? Do not. If you really want to achieve your goals, think carefully about your posts. Only focus on the miums that can be really relevant to your company and where your target group is active. This way you can work more focus from now on. Content calendar A content calendar serves as the foundation for your social mia strategy. This calendar helps you plan and gives you an overview. In a content calendar you note when, what, for whom and in what form you publish something. Fill the calendar with important moments for your organization and for your target group.

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Special holidays can serve as catch-up moments, so don’t forget to write them down as well. Personal and interaction People follow your account because they find your company interesting and because they want to be kept inform of the latest news and developments. So meet the expectations of your followers and exce them if possible. Try to keep your posts personal and encourage interaction. You can do this Nepal Phone Number List by asking a question or sharing a recognizable moment. Also try to add a touch of humor to your messages. You are guarante to attract attention here. Imagery A picture paints a thousand words. Instagram is the mium where an image is central.

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However, do not underestimate the power of images in other miums, such as Facebook and LinkIn. Stand out with your photos or quotes and create recognition for your followers. Show your company’s corporate identity in the photos. Of course you can get start with Photoshop yourself, but there are also handy tools that allow you to it a photo in your desir style in no time. We are fans of Canva. Try this tool TW Lists out and discover how easy and fast you can conjure up a beautiful image in your house style on your screen. Statistics Once you are posting fanatically, it is smart to keep a close eye on which posts work and which work less.

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