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Employees must know and practice a range of security rules and protocols regarding the use of computers, email, databases, applications, remote access Securing Devices One of the key steps in preventing cyber-attacks is ensuring that all devices us by the company are properly secur. This means installing antivirus software firewalls to connect privately to network systems that hide our real addresses. In addition, if employees access through their personal devices, it is necessary to verify that they have adequate protection to comply with the company’s cybersecurity regulations.

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Keeping Systems Updat A critical part of protecting your business is keeping your business systems and software up to date. Not updating them regularly can make your entire system vulnerable to potential threats. Use strong passwords Passwords us by companies must be complex, i.e. must be consecutive random characters including symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Employees are advis to change their account passwords from time to time. Use only official apps Another suggestion is to only download officially licens apps from reputable providers. Pirat apps can be us to introduce malicious elements. Controlling Removable Devices Controlling Bulk SMS Cyprus external devices connect to your computer is very important and most importantly, never connect one of these devices to your computer over a public network as they are widely us entry points for hackers.

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Avoid Personal Data Do not disclose personal data on the Internet unless it is from a known or trust sender. At this point, it should be not that company data should also not be us as they may compromise the company’s security. Create Backups Backing up your data is an important part of running a successful business. By creating regular backups you can ensure that in the event of a cyber attack you will not suffer major losses and stop your business operations. Be wary of messages from unknown senders A fairly common practice by cyber attackers is to send emails with malicious attachments. In this case it is TW Lists important to be wary of unknown senders as this could be some kind of fraud or deception. Use certificate You must use certificate because it sends encrypt information to the server.

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