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The great thing about the internet is that anyone can post anything on it. Just unlock your phone and let the big chatter begin. The only danger lurking here is the fact that there are also bloggers who spread nonsense. And you are not exactly waiting for that if you are looking for the route to success. That is why our link building marketer discusses the 3 best link building strategies that are correct! 1. Broken link building strategy The broken link building strategy may be the odd one out, but that is precisely why it is worth mentioning. With broken link building you look for broken links from competitors on relevant websites.

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This is an opportunity for you to replace these links with relevant links to your website. This kills two birds with one stone, because both the competitor’s link has been remov and you have scor a new high-quality Czech Republic Phone Number List backlink yourself. 2. Guest blogging Guest blogging is perhaps the most well-known form of all link building strategies. With guest blogging, you approach parties that may be of interest to your website in a target manner. Sometimes these are websites that only exist because other companies post guest blogs on their domain, but there are also plenty of high-quality referring domains that open their online portals to you.

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If you are grant access to write a guest blog, it is important that you realize what you want to highlight. Guest blogs where you are only boasting about how good your company is, will usually be read less well than a blog where you highlight one of your attractive products or services and add a subtle link in the text. Something to keep in mind! 3. Linkbait strategy If the president of the Unit States starts to care about Tiktok, you really know that we live in a world where the importance of social mia seems to be increasing. The linkbait strategy TW Lists which focuses on social mia, among other things, should therefore not be missing from the list of link building strategies.

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