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For example, do you have an HR campaign? Then this number of contact moments will soon be higher. The involvement in such a goal is higher, so logically someone also nes several contact moments. What are the real benefits of the See, Think, Do, Care model? When you use this marketing model, you reach the target group throughout the entire customer journey. This gives you multiple touchpoints in the different phases in which someone can find themselves. By focusing on all phases, you come into contact with your target group at an earlier moment. Something you can get a lot out of. The content can be specifically tailor to the relevant phase of the target group.

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KPIs can be set up per phase. In the See phase you naturally assess on different KPIs than in the Do phase. Content and information nes of the target group can be drawn up per phase. This makes it a lot easier to deliver the right message to the right target group at the right time. In summary, we can therefore Netherlands Phone Number List say that by using this method you work on both the dominance and the relevance of your organization. You have a more dominant presence, especially in the earlier phases among the target group. By creating a touchpoint more often, you ensure that you as an organization remain Top Of Mind. Moreover, because you think from the target group’s point of view, instead of from.

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The organization’s perspective, you also create the desir relevance among that group. See phase The customer journey begins in this phase, even though you cannot call the customer a real customer yet. The potential customer does not yet have a purchase intention in this phase. That is why the advice is to focus on TW Lists the awareness of the organization in this phase, so make sure you have the so-call Top Of Mind Awareness. You communicate your product or service to the general public. You therefore adjust your content for this phase, because you want to inspire the target group.

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