Musk recovers in health obtaining the blue check on Twitter

Elon Musk is moving forward with his plan to make Twitter users pass through the checkout to receive the long-awaited blue verification “check . ” However, in view of the chaos caused last week by the introduction of this feature across the pond (and the subsequent avalanche of impostors), the South African businessman has decided to relaunch the blue payment badge. Which will emerge again on the surface on November 29 after its suspension last Friday. Incorporating a series of changes so that obtaining it is not so simple. In this way. Users who have just landed on Twitter will not be able to get the blue badge just like that.

Will Elon Musk's changes be enough

The modifications introduced by Elon Musk on Twitter do not solve the problem in any case. Since the impostors will simply have to wait top industry data a little longer. Commit misdeeds hidden behind the new blue payment badge of the social network. Another change introduced by the CEO of Tesla to stop impostors from misusing the blue payment badge on Twitter is the introduction of restrictions on changing names on the social network. In this way. When the user changes their name on Twitter after having verified their account. They will be temporarily orphaned from the blue “check” until the social network verifies whether or not they have violated its terms of service.

Elon Musk has made to the blue verification

It is unknown whether or not the changes that of payment will contain the wave of impostors that we witnessed last week and that led TW Lists to companies such as the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. Whose identity was impersonated. To suffer a strong collapse in the stock markets. It is appropriate, on the other hand. To note that Elon Musk has assured that he will not continue at the head of Twitter indefinitely and that he will look for a new leader for the social network when he has solved the most pressing problems on this platform (which are quite a few).

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