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The result in different languages: This feature is currently only available in English, but when this feature comes into effect, Google may also display other languages. For example, when you search in Spanish, Google is more likely to show Spanish results. – The result is relevant in the particular region: Google can use the location of the user, the location of the website, and the search query to determine whether the searcher wants to find a web page that is more relevant to a specific region. The results can sometimes be carri out down to the city level, while in other cases the region is not relevant. Why is this transparency important? Marketers and specifically SEO marketers always want to know why Google ranks a certain page.

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With this new feature, Google shows in quite a detail way why a certain page ranks with a search query. Not that all criteria are immiately expos, but Google now tells you whether the words (closely) match, whether users link to the site, whether there are geographical reasons, etc. From a user’s perspective, you can see how Google ranks the result and gives it more SMS Gateway Switzerland reliability to the user due to the transparency.De advertenties die via Google Ads de wereld in worden gestuurd moeten uiteraard voldoen aan bepaalde maatstaven. De inhoud mag bijvoorbeeld niet provoceren en op zaken als drugs of het vervalsen van documenten mag absoluut niet geadverteerd worden.

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Dit om het internet – het surface web althans – schoon en vrij van criminaliteit te houden. Toch blijven bepaalde accounts meermaals de fout in gaan met hun advertenties, zowel in tekst- als Display-ads. Om dit te voorkomen, kondigt Google een pilotprogramma aan op basis van het 3 strikes and you’re out principe. 3 strikes, you’re out Starting in September 2021, Google Ads will launch its pilot program aim at tackling accounts that violate multiple advertising policies. The company TW Lists writes the following about this in an explanation within the online help center : “Warnings and strikes will be issu to accounts that do not adhere to our establish advertising policies.

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