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This includes ads promoting, for example, deceptive behavior or products such as false documents, hacking services, tobacco, drugs or weapons.” Of course, such advertisements have been bann for some time, but there was never a system to actually penalize accounts. Until now. With the 3-strike pilot, Google hopes to put an end to recurring policy violations by effectively handing out appropriate penalties. How the 3-strike system works You will not be immiately penaliz for a first violation of Google Ads advertising policies. However, you will receive an official warning. Any subsequent offense committ by an account will be penaliz with an official penalty that increases in severity with each subsequent offense.

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The fourth violation, and therefore the third official penalty, will be answer with a suspension of your account. In this overview you will discover how the 3-strike system works: Google Ads 3 strike system As soon as an account violates a policy, the administrator of this account will receive an email explaining the violation. After receiving this initial warning, the administrator Bulk SMS Sweden will ne to adjust the ad to the allow metrics – and then notify Google Ads to be eligible to serve ad again. Request Free Ads Scan! The duration of a strike Google has stipulat that strikes expire after 90 days. This means you can fix the issues with your ad that you receiv a first or second strike for, and – if you don’t get.

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A third strike within 90 days of receiving the first two – your account will be shut down, so to speak. will be reset and the next penalty will just be another first warning. As is always the case with Google Ads, the 3-strike system Also allows account admins to TW Lists appeal any strike or strike they have receiv. However, there are exceptions to the rule, Google says: “We immiately suspend accounts when we detect gross violations of the policy, such as circumventing our systems [for example, by creating new accounts to avoid suspension due to multiple strikes], phishing or misrepresenting the product or service to intentionally mislead users.

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