Manufacturers of large electrical installations

Our market research work.  of the tasks we have solv for our clients. Regularly analyze the customer satisfaction of a large banking and financial company; according to customer groups ( . . customer age group ( online and offline customer branches. etc.) for clustering; marketing analysis for customer satisfaction improvement solutions of major associations in various fields; according to Clustering of members.

Please find in the attachment some

Identification of weaknesses.  of visitor satisfaction in several zoos in Germany; identification of factors that increase visitor satisfaction. implementation analysis of sales monitoring for large associations; actions of sales managers and field staff; for Vietnam Mobile Database Proposal for business development ideas for large trading companies; secondary analysis (competitions. trends) and derivation of new potential sources of revenue Market potential analysis for high-tech companies; secondary analysis of potential partners. including sales and visibility factors; regular presentations Proposal for future strategy Analysis of satisfaction among club.

Derivation of actions Regular measurement

Members of  and building. Control TW Lists technology; identification of improvement. Potentials and support for the implementation of measures analysis for the brand and corporate image of international industrial service providers; interpretation of customer image and development of appropriate measures. free support for the company Strategic initial consultation. Market research for staying in touch. Get to know the project approach of the German Marketing Academy. In the introduction below. we will tell you more about our market research department! What we understand about market research To.

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