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A few years pass after you finish university and a trend begins to become evident: not all those who had the best grades as students (especially in courses and evaluations that privilege memory), always obtain the best jobs ; and in parallel, some fellow students who were not exactly the most outstanding in their grades, reach levels of leadership and responsibility that, seen superficially, seem reserv for the most outstanding “academically speaking .” A clarification is in order here: “academically speaking” is a misleading label. In more traditional training schools, the focus is concentrat on technical skills and “hardcore” knowlge aiming to “produce” only labor for the industry.

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 In a more modern training environment, like ours, this knowlge and operational skills are consider insufficient if they are not accompani by an appropriate attitude towards the world (of knowlge) and a battery of particular skills, a bit diffuse if you will. , which we have call “soft skills”: leadership, empathy, negotiation skills, tolerance for failure, resilience, teamwork, to name the business lead most commonly mention. Several questions arise in this regard: are you born with the gift or can you train in them?; If we believe it is possible: how do I train? why are they soft? (I have ask myself this many times: some are more complex to develop than the hard skills of quantitative analysis, at least for some individuals among whom I am.

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Wouldn’t it be ideal to do everything the other way around and train ourselves more in them and less in the hard/technical ones? (a disruptive point of view, very interesting and with a very curious perspective: a future installment will be about that hypothesis); Finally: how do we measure them? The name “soft” does not seem to TW Lists do them justice: in particular, I question its importance until I had to experience it, not as a former student, but as a teacher: day after day I came across brilliant students, but endow with few interpersonal skills, whom I had They must motivate and empower them to be able to share their keen analyzes and observations.

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