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Still, JPEG and PNG files can take up a bit more space than certain other file types. A good example is WebP. This file type is on average 26% smaller than PNG and  to  smaller than JPEG. WebP is support by 70% of all browsers. It is therefore important to know that not everyone can immiately load the images. How to solve this? Have a fallback option built in for unsupport browsers. In such a case, an alternative variant (JPEG or PNG) of the image is load. It always stays that way Please do not use stock photos In addition to wanting your images to appear in.

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Google Images you also want your photo to stand out in the search results. A stock photo generally doesn’t stand out so quickly in Google Images. You can often see when something is a stock photo, so people may not choose to click through to your website. Our advice is UAE Phone Number List therefore to use original content as much as possible. Another advantage of this is that people  can have a negative association with your stock photo. Suppose another company has us the same photo online and someone has a negative experience with it, then they can project this onto your company.

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Google image optimization Ne help optimizing for Google Images? Do you also want to score high in the Google Images search results? After reading these tips you will probably become a lot wiser. Of course it is possible that you still have questions about this subject or about, for example, general optimization, link building or search engine advertising . Feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more and are happy to help you so that your images get a top TW Lists position in Google Images!Microsoft has develop a new ad format for tour and activity providers in the Unit States and Unit Kingdom. This option has been launch in the Beta version and so far only usable in these two countries.

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