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The next step is to develop the customer journey for that persona. Investigate the customer’s journey during the purchasing process, this all helps to design the stages and therefore the instruments. In addition, you can set better goals in this way and KPIs can be better assess at a later stage. A tool for this is customer journey mapping. You plan a brainstorming session in which goals, possible channels, questions from the customer and also emotions are examin per phase. In this way, the entire journey is made transparent and you ensure that the right channels are creat with the right content.

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Of course you also want to make this measurable, so set your own goals per phase and KPIs for assessment. Later in this blog we will give examples of those goals and KPIs, so read on! The emergence of the See, Think, Do, Care model The See, Think, Do, Care model was develop by Avinash Kaushik , who Mexico Phone Number List works at Google as a so-call “Digital Marketing Evangelist”. Kaushik design this model for several reasons, but one of the main reasons was that this model focuses on the customer experience, rather than being product-orient, as AIDA, for example, is. The See, Think, Do, Care model therefore revolves around the intention of the target group.

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By working from that vision, you do not write content because your product/service is so good, but because it answers the potential customer’s request for help. Kaushik also indicates that (too) many organizations focus purely on the “Do” phase, or the actual purchase moment, and therefore link (almost) all KPIs such as transactions and turnover to this. Very special, looking at the fact that the “customer journey” is many times greater TW Lists than just the moment of purchase. In fact, several studies show that it takes an average of 5 to 8 contact moments to take action. So only focusing on that one moment is certainly not always the best practice! It is good to also look at your specific industry or product/service.

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