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Things you can investigate, for example: Are my products that provide 80% of the turnover clearly visible? Are there pricing opportunities? Or are there products that get a lot of visits but don’t sell? You can not only improve your performance with the data from the data analysis. You can also see what the options are for advertising . The advice is to test with the runners first. The possibilities within include: display advertising , sponsor products, online magazines and target mails. Good to know: the auction model for sponsor products will change to 1st price on March. What this means? What you offer, you pay.

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From then on it is no longer that you pay 0.01 cents more than the second bid. An important development to watch out for! In addition to using sponsor products, you can use online magazines. That way you get people from content to your products. This makes it possible to increase engagement, but also to create reach and introduce new products. Content is still king In addition, actually works partly Argentina Phone Number List in the same way as search engines, content is king here too. Some tips to improve your content and boost conversions: Enter product specifications Good titles Add product families An SEO technically sound product description High-quality product images A product video.

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Translation Good content not only leads to more conversions, it also leads to fewer cancellations and product returns. And let that be an important factor for the performance score. That is why we advise you to provide your products and pages with the right content. The costs of selling via Of course you also want to know what you ultimately pay for a collaboration with In principle, this is completely dependent on your success. Bas on the TW Lists no cure no pay model, you only pay when you sell something via the platform. asks for a percentage of the turnover per product sold. This committee is structur as follows receives a commission on a product of.

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