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Now the persona comes into play again. By knowing where your customer is active, you can now respond perfectly to these moments. The target group you focus on in this phase can best be describ as: People who are looking for information or are interest in a certain subject, but have no direct purchase intention. To illustrate, we also highlight examples of the possibilities in this blog. As mention, it is therefore advisable in this phase to focus on reaching a wider audience. Content that fits well here are atmospheric images, a blog post about a relevant topic or a catalogue. So you are really inspiring the target group here to create a ne.

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Channels – See phase Which channels are good to use in this phase? Looking at the online options you can think of, for example: Social advertising – Similar audiences Social advertising – Look a like target groups Branding campaigns SEO – Content aim at the orienting visitor who does not necessarily have a (conscious) purchase intention Display advertising If you look at social advertising, you can set the target group New Zealand Phone Number List bas on interests and other variables. Because you first start with a persona, you can now fill this in properly. We also recommend setting up look-a-like target groups. This is an audience similar to the audience you set.

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This ensures relevance, but you also increase the reach. KPIs – See stage What are correct KPIs for this phase? Since we do not focus on the purchase intent, KPIs such as transactions are not a logical KPI. KPIs that you can think of are, for example: Ad Impressions Click-through rate on ads Brand awareness / Brand awareness Number of readers of a particular blog Time on website Assist conversions – long term (is there any TW Lists contribution to the final hard conversion?) Think phase Your potential customer knows about the product or service and starts looking more specifically. This does not mean that it will become your product / service, he searches for information and compares.

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