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Because the content disappears after one day, there is a certain pressure and exclusivity behind it. This pressure ensures that the app is constantly check so that consumers can be sure that they are not missing anything. Actually, ephemeral content is a psychological trick. You’ve probably heard of FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. This means that people are naturally afraid of missing out. If others have something, you want it too. That’s how we are. Ephemeral content cleverly responds to this. A consumer does not always have the time or inclination to read entire pieces of text. Ephemeral content offers the perfect solution for this.

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Because the content is short and sweet, the consumer always gets small bites of content that convey the message well. Think of it as a snack during a busy day. The advantages of Ephemeral content at a glance: The April MiaScience Ad Attention and Engagement Study found that ads on Snapchat get twice as much user attention as video ads on other platforms. This is because all ads on Snapchat are vertical full screen videos of which are play with sound. Ephemeral content can generate more website traffic . This way you can Honduras Phone Number List add the link of your website to your story. This way, the user only has to swipe up when they want to know more about your company. With every expression you create a new opportunity for bonding and contact with the consumer.

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They can respond directly to your story or live stream. Allowing you to communicate directly with the consumer. Because the content is, as it were, a one-hit wonder, you don’t have to worry about coming across as pushy when you share content. Everything disappears in a short time and consumers also have the choice whether they want to view a message or not. How do you handle it To make sure your TW Lists short content grabs attention, it’s important to know how to go about creating and sharing ephemeral content. First of all, you ne to know which platform your target audience is on and why they are here.

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