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Why? We’ll tell you more about it! Our tactics Especially in the summer it is important to keep in touch with your customers. A customer becomes more loyal if he stays in contact with you all year round, especially with the positive flow of the summer. Grab your chance when your competition is on the beach! We have list three tips on how you can work strategically during the summer months. GO! In the summer, mobile devices are us a lot. Especially on vacation, the nice holiday photos are shar on social mia. That’s where the target audience is. Meet your customers on social mia and ensure a good content flow, so that the customer also comes into contact with you in the summer.

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Try to choose a good middle ground, so that you do not bother your target group. Door de positieve sfeer is de zomer het ideale seizoen om meer ontspannen content te delen. Je kunt in een vrolijke sfeer out-of-the-box gaan denken. Het is altijd go om te experimenteren met bijvoorbeeld foto’s of video’s of probeer een keer wat anders dan de standaard posts op social mia. Wat dacht je van Malta Phone Number List afbeeldingen met grappige quotes? In de zomer staan de kernwerkzaamhen vaak op een laag pitje. Je zou deze tijd kunnen investeren in analyses. Voordat je online marketing in kan zetten is het bijvoorbeeld om marktonderzoek uit te laten voeren. Het is namelijk belangrijk om je doelgroep te kennen, om te weten wat hun behoeften zijn en om je concurrentie in kaart te brengen.

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Aan de slag met zomer marketing! You read it: summer offers opportunities when it comes to online marketing. Enough possibilities to approach your potential customers. Do not forget about current contacts, because they feel appreciat if you pay attention to them during this period. Are you curious about what online marketing can do for your company? We are happy to help you!Google announc the TW Lists largest ever rebrand of its advertising software last Wnesday. Google says costs won’t change and services won’t be merg, just the name will change.

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