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Adding structur data ensures search engines understand you better. page and make sure you are on But what is structur data and what does it generate we explain to you in our new blog. What structur data means Structur data is standard code that you add to a webpage to help search engines better understand what that page is about. By adding structur data to your website, you help search engines better understand content. So you can provide more context to your content.

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In addition, structur data may increase your click-through rate Bulk SMS Hong Kong because you are more prominent in search engine results. While it’s unclear whether structur data affects rankings, your search results will stand out because it’s more visible. These are the benefits We’ve already explain the benefits of structur data but we’re going to dig into this so you can really see what it can do for your website. Google understands content better: By adding structur data to your website, search engines can better process and understand your content. You stand out in search results: When someone searches for information in search results, chances are they’ll find it on several different pages.

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But how do you get people to click on your website? Structur data makes your search results stand out. Structur information is rich content. These are also known as rich snippets, which we’ll cover in more detail next. What are rich snippets Rich snippets are an enrichment of ordinary search results. They are search results with a highlight component You can generate these results using structur data. Different types of rich snippets appear in search results. Product information: Using structur data you can ensure that price information is display immiately in search results Breadcrumbs: Structur data can display website names and breadcrumbs. This way someone can instantly click through to various important pages on your site. You’ll find examples of such rich TW Lists snippets below. Comments: Using structur data You can also display your comments. Ratings exude extra confidence in the form of stars.

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