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In addition, the update will be roll out slowly over the next two months. Why this new update? It is logically important for a search engine like Google that the search results show relevant websites. After all, as a visitor you want to find what you are looking for. But the process does not stop when you find the right information or the right product, you also want to end up on a page that works well. For this, Google pays attention to the following factors: The Core Web Vitals : you can read more about that in our previous blog. Mobile usability testing : how does the page work on your smartphone.

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Security issues: Are there any security or reliability issues on the site? HTTPS usage: does the link start with https? Ad Experience: Are there no distracting or interrupting ads on the page? When will the change take place? The Google Page Experience Updates already start on June 15. The entire process will take until the end of August. During that time you Benin Phone Number List will see few drastic changes in your ranking, but it is a good reminder to make and keep your entire website as user-friendly as possible to lay the foundation for further internet marketing . Curious what you can do for the page experience.

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Are you curious about the state of the page experience for your website or could you use some help in improving the user experience and on-page optimization ? Fortunately, we at Traffic Today have a passionate and enthusiastic team ready that is aware of all the ins and outs! So feel free to contact us for the possibilities.On March 10, 2020, Amazon was officially launch in the Netherlands as a marketplace for entrepreneurs who want to offer their products on a wide scale. Although has TW Lists been available as a platform for Kindle e-books since 2014, 2020 marks the year in which the website actually compet with Selling via Amazon is therefore the next step in the sales strategy for many entrepreneurs.

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