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That means you spend less time responding to chats, emails or phone calls. It’s customer friendly. With a good and clear website you can make it easy for your visitors. A clear FAQ certainly helps with this. Additionally, the user-friendliness of the FAQ page can increase conversion rates. Greater visibility in search results. If you add questions and answers to pages that are already ranking highly in , they will immiately appear in organic search results. This provides more visibility which in turn can generate more visitors. What to put on an FAQ page Now that you know what an FAQ page is and why you want to have one on your website, it’s also good to know what you’re putting on your FAQ page and how to do it. If you’re creating an FAQ page, the answers to your questions should be as short as possible.

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Just make sure the questions are answer and your visitors understand the information. If a particular answer nes more explanation then place a link at the end of the answer to rirect the visitor to a page where all the necessary information can be found. For example this could be a blog post or a specific page. So make sure your answers are short, but easy to understand. If customers ne more information can be provid to them by posting a link. Where you put Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia your FAQ page Creating an easy-to-find FAQ page is important to the potential customer’s buying process. You can do this, for example, by mentioning the FAQ in your website’s navigation menu. Another common and popular option is to place an FAQ page in the footer of your website.

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The page is always visible and accessible. The footer is visible on every page no matter where the visitor is on the site. A lot of people know they can find the FAQ in the footer and will do a quick search there. Tip: Put the link to the FAQ page near the links to your contact details and site search. How You Select FAQs You can select FAQs in a number of ways. Here are a few options: Collect customer questions. See what your customers have been asking. These are often the questions TW Lists customers ask when they have questions about purchasing or buying a service. Make sure you’ve answer these questions on your website to clear up any doubts. Check out your competitors’ websites.

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