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With SEO copywriting you always have one main keyword that you write your article about. Of course you can switch to sub topics but always make sure that the main topic is leading. Determine the sub keywords In addition to a main keyword you always have sub-keywords that you can incorporate into the article. Use tools like SEMrush to find the sub keywords that match the main keyword. Write for scanners Are you looking for specific information? Then you probably also recognize that you first scan the text before you actually read the article.

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When you write a text yourself it is good to take into account that other people will also scan your text. So use relevant intermiate headings to convince the ‘scanners’ that they should read your text. Make use of Bucket Brigades This is how it works You may think that… but in reality… Anyway These are all examples of so-call Bucket Brigades. They are short pieces of text that grab the attention of the reader. Especially with a long article Bucket Brigades are very effective to Bulk SMS Nepal use because that’s how you keep the reader reading. Ask questions in headlines When people want to know more about a subject they always have some questions that they would like answers to.

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Include these questions in your subheadings. This also ensures that people are more inclin to read your article than just scan it. Why is it a good idea to use the Invert Pyramid method? By applying the Invert Pyramid method you can better serve the readers so that they are ultimately able to take action sooner. You can think of further viewing the website contacting us or even doing a conversion. Do you want to know more about the Invert Pyramid method or do you ne help with this? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help youThe advertisements that are sent out into the world via Google Ads must of course meet certain standards. For example the content may TW Lists not provoke and things such as drugs or falsifying documents may not be advertis at all.

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