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The unbelievable happen. Suddenly. celebrities like Angelina Jolie. Matt Damon. Tom Hanks and even George Bush were wearing yellow bracelets. Olympics also wore the ribbon. hoping to show their solidarity and connection with professional cyclists. Originally plann. the bracelet sold out quickly around the world. In just three months. the sales volume of the bracelet has reach . pieces. Nike is said to have produc the wristbands in total. Nike also present France international Thierry Henry with a black and white ribbon to promote his Stand Up and Speak Out campaign against football racism. Black and white bracelets are sold.

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About five million times here. . the campaign isn’t just for profit or activity. Nike intentionally design the bracelet so that no visually identifiable corporate references would appear. From the start. it shouldn’t have been suggest that Nike could also profit from the event. It was only through the massive sales and resulting mass mia coverage that it became Azerbaijan Email List clear that the bracelets were a Nike product. In this way. the brand image can be strengthen without giving a commercial impression. Previous Stealth Marketing Article. Return to main article Stealth Marketing. Sneaky This entry was post in Stealth Marketing. Keywords. examples.

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Definitions stealth marketing. Your contact TW Lists request We provide seminars. training courses. consulting methods and guidance for enterprises! How can we help you. Why. Simply tell us what it’s about. This makes it easier for us to assign you the correct contact. Business enter your business name here Name enter your name here Telephone enter your number here Desir Callback Times Here you can tell us when we can call you in the morning and between. It is best to contact by phone. Email Enter your email address here. A review of Nike’s biggest and best stealth marketing campaigns. Employer Branding. Mobile Recruitment Is Growing Important The adage.

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