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Why is this transparency important? Marketers and specifically SEO marketers always want to know why Google ranks a certain page. With this new feature Google shows in quite a detail way why a certain page ranks with a search query. Not that all criteria are immiately expos but Google now tells you whether the words closely match whether users link to the site whether there are geographical reasons etc. From a user’s perspective you can see how Google ranks the result and gives it more reliability to the user due to the transparency.

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Good copywriting : how do you do that? That is a question that we at Traffic Today often get ask. There are various writing techniques and methods that allow you to take the quality of your content to a higher level. Today we will explain the Invert Pyramid method. What is it and how can you apply it in your own texts? What is the Invert Pyramid method? The Invert Pyramid method consists of three parts. These are the parts: The le: This is the first paragraph of your article. Here it is Bulk SMS Cambodia important that you grab the attention of the reader. What can be read in the article and why is it recommend to read further? For SEO purposes this paragraph should of course also include the main keyword. The body: this part can consist of several paragraphs.

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Here you go deeper into the subject and highlight the most important information. Here you can use case studies examples and statistics to give extra ‘body’ to this part. You can also decorate this section with quotes videos photos and the like. The tail: although many people often end a text with a conclusion the closing part goes further than this. In addition to briefly looking back at the article it is also recommend to offer help with questions. You can also link to a similar article here. Invert pyramid Quick wins Now that you know more about the structure of the Invert Pyramid method we give you a number of quick wins that you can immiately apply in practice. Where is the TW Lists focus Always decide what you want to focus on in the article.

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